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Our decision to home-school our children is what lead to the birth of Embroidink. We started our business as a means to generate an additional stream of income for our family, because in order to home-school our kids the correct way, one parent had to stop working full time; and by doing so, that made us an one income household. As parents, the decision to start an embroidery and printing business made sense to us: we could do it from home, and the kids could help and be involved in the day-to-day operation, if they wanted to.

Embroidink’s journey in the industry began seven years ago, and today we provides garment decorating services to businesses, organizations, brands, individuals, and other printers; along with decorating our own merch. You can locate our embroidery and printing shop in the beautiful city of Loganville, GA, where we service our local community and surrounding counties of Gwinnett, Conyers, Covington, etc. Our company is made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, who are driven to continuously improve your printing and embroidery experience through in-person interactions and online platforms.

It is our pleasure to partner with you and look forward to printing, embroidering, and designing the products you want and need to advertise your event or project! Our goal is to make navigating the printing and embroidery process hassle-free for you, assisting every step of the way to advance your vision from an idea, to a tangible finished product. we are here to help take your business to the next level. Serving our customers and community is why our door are open. 

Don’t worry if your artwork is not print-ready, or if you are in need of assistance sourcing items to be printed… we’re here for you and will be there until your order is completed! We also offer signs, banners, transfers, and screen burning services.

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